30. 11. 2023

Helvetic Ruby

What a wonderful conference! I participated the first instance of Helvetic Ruby in my home city of Bern.

Good mix of talks: Starting on the topic of performance and ending with an actual performance

There was a good mix of talks, from talking about app performance, to SQL configuration tricks, how to bootstrap your business all the way to an introduction and a musical performance with http://sonic-pi.net by Raia - How did I not know about Sonic Pi!?

Familiar atmosphere

Helvetic ruby had a different vibe to Railsworld. Railsworld was professional, high production value, fancy sponsoring booths and of course bigger (almost 700 attendees), whereas helvetic ruby felt local, familiar, driven by the community, more creative.

Love Bern

I was so happy that helevtic ruby also introduced many people to the wonderful City of Bern. I was pleasantly surprised by the big amount of international guests and to see so many faces that I had encountered in Amsterdam at RailsWorld.


There will be a 2024 edition as well. Count me in! Hope to see you there.

Ruby retreat in the mountains?

I seem to gravitate to smaller conferences and was wondering if one should take things a step further: I would love to go to a ruby retreat, imagine 10-50 people meeting up in a nice place, be it in a mountain resort or somewhere, do some hiking together, do some coding together, talk about ruby, do spontaneous lightning talks. For example Monday to Thursday and then on Friday we would head together to the next Helvetic Ruby. Would you like something like that? Then let me know!