25. 12. 2009

Go beyond ebanking of today

I always thought today’s e-banking applications are not even close to their potential, they are often filled with badly designed forms, the important functionality is spread over a lot of pages and they don’t really support you handling your money.

I was really happy to see UBS was looking for new ideas and asking the attendees of web monday to submit ideas to an idea competition. So I briefly sketched out how I thought e-banking should work today.

I think an e-banking application should make the most common tasks, dead simple. For example you shouldn’t have to remember any account details for any account you already once transferred money to, an e-banking application should should help you make sense of the transactions that are happening, not just display tables with randomly sorted transactions. And even better an e-banking application could help you set saving goals and it could easily support you in putting together a budget.

The PDF shows my contest entry for the idea competition, I like the ideas, but thinking about it some more, and also after hearing Pascals feedback I realize I should have focused and skechted the really new parts in more detail, especially budgeting.

Any feedback on the ideas are higly appreciated, thx to Chris and Pascal for your quick feedbacks on my contest entry.

Download Idea_Competition_web_2.0_UBS_R.pdf